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EscapeLands – Music, Fun and Laughter

Craft your ideal world where you can indulge in play, unleash your creativity, and even discover the magic of love.

I know what you’re thinking.

Another virtual world, huh? I knew it! Well, I hope in the coming weeks and months I can convince you that in fact, this is anything but another VW. In fact, I am going to make it my aim to ensure that you see EscapeLands as something completely different.

First of all, we are NOT a large corporation. Yes, we aim to make this business work, of course we do. But moreover, we are unique in that we are one af a very few commercial virtual worlds that will allow you, our users, to access our grid from any hyper-grid or external-grid. Indeed, you can download the latest OpenSim software (and soon, from our own website, EscapeLands ready configured software) and install it on an external server or even on your own computer and then connect to us for free. Your own virtual island connected to our ever growing grid. Think about the possibilities!

In fact, free is a word we like a great deal. I know that, in order to make this work and to grow EscapeLands, we have to open it up to everyone. That’s why, just this week, we announced we will allow anyone free land forever, if they want to join our mainland sims. If you’d like a quarter island, we will allow you to use this for free for 90 days, and then give you the chance to upgrade. And the upgrade prices are just incredible. See here for more info. 

We also believe in freedom. The freedom of expression and the freedom of creativity. Why restrict your imagination when the technology exists to allow you to run amok! We think restricting you like that is just no fun at all, so our way is to give you freedoms beyond compare.

In the coming days and weeks I will bring you more information about why EscapeLands is so different. And why having you here is something that means the world to us.

I for one am looking forward to the journey.