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EscapeLands – Music, Fun and Laughter

Craft your ideal world where you can indulge in play, unleash your creativity, and even discover the magic of love.

You asked for it, and now we have it for you!

Why not help EscapeLands to grow? Here we aim to provide you with every tool possible to create your own content in your very own virtual world. Your own perfect place and land to build absolutely anything you like, and enough tools and power to watch you flourish. You are in charge, where and when the sun shines and sets is completely up to you.

The perfect escape from real life.

Become an EL Club Member and you’ll get exclusive access to inventory, buildings, clothing and you’ll automatically get premium support with the set up and on going development of your region, 24 hours a day!

AND – for the first time ever, you can use your region for commercial purposes. Virtual currency is coming in the autumn, and in the meantime you can buy and sell in-world with PayPal. Yes – You could actually make money!