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EscapeLands – Music, Fun and Laughter

Craft your ideal world where you can indulge in play, unleash your creativity, and even discover the magic of love.




We have a plethora of tools that allow you full control over your creative life. 

With EscapeLands, you can create the most beautiful landscapes, buildings, beings and objects of all kinds. In fact, it’s the very reason we are here. To encourage and inspire such things. It’s really about everything your heart desires. We love the idea of allowing a community of fellow EscapeLanders to build a world that is truly unique and inspirational.

With God Tools enabled on all of our land from half simulators in size upwards, we want you to be fully in charge and able to express yourself beautifully.

Landscapes that are impressive and beautiful. Avatars that show your personality. Buildings that are as inspired as anything you’ll ever see in the real world.

Ambience in abundance with our EL Angels

Come on, express the real you. Something that isn’t always easy in the real world, but here in EscapeLands it can come easily. And with plenty of free help and our wonderful EL Angels all over our world, you’ll always find someone to give you a little assistance and be there when you need them. Anyone with the want to help us can become an EL Angel, so if you have the skills to do right by others in EscapeLands, then we want you to contact us and join the EL Angels Group.


Create Your Fantasy Land Or Time

Ever fancied living in the 50’s or creating a city landscape that is truly hustle and bustle? Or would you rather live under water? Fantasy? It’s all possible with EscapeLands. It’s a great place to let your mind take shape in the form of an incredible physical entity that is our virtual world.

The tools you need to build are all included and we will assist you by enabling far more control than you ever imagined. All you have to do is become part of our world. Let’s go create together. Let’s go create something amazing.